The Weird Story Of The Hungarian Vigilante Who Dresses Up As Batman And Patrols A Quiet Slovak Town

This week Reuters ran a short profile on the Slovakian Batman, also known as Zoltán Kohari, who has been assisting the elderly in the mean streets of Dunajská Streda, and he appears to be reveling in the fame.

“Batman” had previously given a Q&A with his fans to Nový Čas in which Kohari, originally from Hungary, had explained that he has been helping the community for about three weeks. He also answered questions ranging from whether he needs Robin (he doesn’t), whether there is a bat-signal to summon him (there isn’t) to whether he has a Batmobile (he doesn’t), a Facebook page (he doesn’t have a computer, so no), or family (he doesn’t).

“I don’t need praise or thanks, I am just glad when no one hurts anyone,” said the pretend superhero,

However, like all superheros, he has a dark side. Kohari apparently lives in a broken down apartment building with no electricity, heat or running water and lives off of food brought to him by friendly neighbours.  Reuters gives a sad account of his past:

The trained house painter spent eight months in jail last year and attempted suicide after he was released, before realising he had a mission to make life in his community better.

The now-reformed vigilante, who is 35 and single (hint, hint ladies), also said that he would not be opposed to playing Batman in a Slovakian version of the movie if he were to be approached.  

Of course, his plan seems to be changing. “I don’t give interviews to everyone, I am still secret and it will stay that way,” says the man who has given two interviews in the last month.


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