When A Teen Buys A Slim Jim, He's Supposed To Think: 'I'm Becoming A Man'

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Marketers are always trying to relate their products to some sort of emotion. It’s that connection that makes brands so powerful.But sometimes they can be strangely specific and seem like quite a bit of a stretch.

Take the popular jerky snack Slim Jim, for instance.

Slim Jim brand director at ConAgra Daniel Marple explained what the brand is meant to do to Anne Marie Chaker at the Wall Street Journal:

Slim Jim’s target consumer niche is the elusive 18- to 29-year-old guy. It’s a male rite of passage with teen guys to buy the first stick “you can afford with the change you have in your pocket,” Mr. Marple says. (The standard Slim Jim “Giant Stick” retails for around $1.30.)

“It’s ‘I’m becoming a man,’ ” Mr. Marple says. But then something happens to guys in their 20s, he says. “They seek variety in snacking, and they’re moving to chips and Tostitos.”

For marketers, it’s all about trying to figure out what attracts people to the brand, creating simple categories and using that information to impact purchases.

But to consumers, it can sound pretty absurd.

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