These 6 sliding photos reveal the stunning changes happening around the world

Dutch tulip fieldsBen GrantDutch tulip fields, Holland.

Benjamin Grant is kind of like Aladdin — he wants to show you the world.

Only, Grant wants to show you more than just an image of one time period. His Instagram is filled with overhead shots of the world’s most visually arresting places.

His latest series, on his site Daily Overview, lets users drag a sliding wall between the past and present.

Grant allowed Tech Insider to republish his collection. Set right next to one another, the results are striking.


Lake Oroville, in California, is the second-largest reservoir in the drought-stricken state. Over the past four years, the water level has fallen to 44% capacity.

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The annual pilgrimage to Burning Man, in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, is cleared out in full after the week-long festival.

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The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, in Japan, is still rebuilding after the 2011 disaster brought on by a massive earthquake.

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Some 80,000 people live at the Zaatari Refugee Camp, in Jordan. The camp was completed in July, 2012.

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In the South China Sea, builders are turning the Mischief Reef into a land mass suitable for construction by pumping sediment up from the water.

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The Dutch tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands, reach peak bloom every April -- reaching a total output of 4.32 billion bulbs.

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