Inside the office of London design company MOO, which prints some of the coolest business cards around

MOO office LondonMOOThe MOO office is very colourful.

London-based company MOO lets customers design business cards and other products online. MOO might not necessarily sound like a tech company, but it’s using the digital space to enhance the business of reputation management.

In 2012, for example, MOO acquired online profile site The company has also launched a range of Near Field Communication business cards, which are embedded with a microchip. When the cards are touched to a smartphone, it can download contact information and other details.

Here are some photos from inside MOO’s Old Street offices in London, as well as its printing warehouse in Stratford.

The London office is a large warehouse-style space in Shoreditch.

The MOO office is a colourful place.

Even books in the library are sorted by colour instead of name.

This 'MOO' mural was painted by graffiti artist Supermundane.

Here's one of the large coworking areas.

MOO used to keep its printing machines in its Shoreditch office, but they used up too much room.

So now the manufacturing process takes place in Stratford.

Packs of cards sent out from the factory get a MOO seal of approval.

The MOO office is filled with strange objects.

Like this vintage telephone.

Like any good startup, the MOO office has a ping pong table.

Moo holds summer parties every year in its office courtyard. This one featured coloured umbrellas and a bouncy castle.

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