SLIDE DECK: The CommSec Economics Team's Take On The Australian Market's Financial Year

CommSec chief economist Craig James and his offsider Savanth Sebastian have taken a moment to look back on the big events that moved markets last financial year.

In a presentation James and Sebastian analysed the big events which impacted the Australian market, many of which were international. There’s more on that here.

Here’s the slide deck, which we’re republishing with permission.

A Look At The Year That Was

Usual Disclaimers

Many Market Movers Were International Events

The 2013/14 Financial Year In Numbers

The Highs And Lows Of 2013/14

Australia's Economic Growth Compared To Other Countries And Forecasts For 2015

World Debt Levels: Australia Isn't Doing Too Bad

US Unemployment Is Heading In The Right Direction

Chinese Economic Growth Is Slowing But It's Still Healthy

China Could Be Following Japan's Lead

Australia's Economy In Numbers: Record Low Interest Rates, High Aussie Dollar

There's Still Growth Opportunity In Australia

But Non-Mining Industries Are Going To Have To Fill The Gap

Wage Growth Has Been Slow

Has The Unemployment Rate Peaked?

Australia's Housing Prices Are Still High

The Best And Worst Share Markets Around The World

Aussie Shares Stood Up Against The Big Guns

Trend Line Heading North

Dividend Yield Is About Average

Here Are The Industries Which Performed The Best On The ASX Last Financial Year

And Here Are The Stocks You Wished You'd Bought Early And The Ones You're Glad You Avoided (If You're Lucky)

The Big End Of Town Jumped Around A Bit In 2013/14

CBA Says Banks Are Still The Best Place For Savings

The Cash Rate Is At Historical Lows

Here's How Long Interest Rates Have Stayed Low In The Past

The Best And Worst Performing Currencies Against The Greenback

The Aussie Dollar Went For A Run

Commodity Prices Were Still Going Historically Gang Busters

Oil And Gold Followed Each Other Around

Iron Ore Fell Below The All Important $US100 A Tonne Mark

But That's All Behind Us, Here's The Outlook For 2014/15

And 2014/15 Forecasts Don't Look That Different

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