Slick Seventies Watch Style Returns From Glashutte Original


One of the biggest reasons that the Rolex Submariner is the popular icon that it is, has to do with its ability to seamlessly go from sport to serious, and from casual to corporate.

This gives it the ability to be worn in almost every occasion, but when it comes down to it, for most people the Rolex Submariner is the world’s best know “casual sport” watch.

I use this bar setting timepiece as a frame of reference to begin my discussion of the highly capable new Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama Date watch. A slightly different breed of casual sport watch, the Seventies Panorama date is a gorgeous example of modern sentiments and classic timepiece execution.

Glashutte Original overall has an excellent offering of new watches this year – actually one of the strongest collection that I saw at Baselworld 2011. The German (Swatch Group owned) brand is a watch enthusiast’s favourite but often overlooked for some reason. They offer a solid range of sport and formal timepieces, with designs and an attention to comfort and function befitting their Germanic heritage.

The top dog in their range for 2011 is the Seventies Panorama Date. The collection is a thematic followup to the Senator Sixties collection and attempts to promote the lifestyle and aesthetic of the 1970s versus the 1960s. The design is drastically different than the more sober lounge look of the Senator Sixties. The Seventies Panorama Date is, in my opinion, not just these three watches, but the start of a much larger timepiece family.

The basic look of the case is one with a “TV screen” cushion style face and metal bracelet. Offered in steel this year, the case is a 40mm wide square, and wears larger than its dimensions on paper might suggest. This is always the case with more square cases, and is aided by the thickness of the case as well as the wide lugs and bracelet.

As to the thickness, it is only 11.5mm thick but seems to look thicker. The watch even looks large despite not having the thinnest bezel – I swear it feels like an optical illusion. Overall the look of the watch is deceptively simple. I at first was not all impressed by this design, and yet it ended up on my list of best watches for Baselworld 2011. How did that happen?

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