This Is The Only App You Need To Keep Track Of The Stuff You Buy Online

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Have you ever shopped online or received an electronic receipt?As the holiday season is now in full swing, an app called Slice is definitely worth your time.

Slice automatically pulls information from the electronic receipts in your email inbox – shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies, and customer service information – and assembles it in an easily digestible format so you’re never left wondering when that package you ordered will arrive or how much money you spent on holiday shopping last year.

Even if you aren’t an expert online shopper but want to keep track of price alerts for things you’ve previously bought, a new feature will alert you of a price drop and tell you exactly what to do to receive a refund based on the merchant’s return policy.

Slice is a free app available for iOS and Android.

Once you open up the app, the first thing you'll notice is how well designed Slice is.

After getting past the introductory screen, you have the option to Sign in with your Facebook account or sign up via email.

After you linked your email it takes a few minutes for the service to scan through and locate your purchases.

Once the app is done scanning, your most recent purchases will show up. Depending on how old your email is, you can see everything you've ever purchased online. Pretty cool.

We gave slice some more time and it started to really pick up our purchases.

One thing we did notice that may have been a slight glitch was that this was an item we had already received but Slice didn't show it as delivered. That could have just been an Amazon issue though.

Before you tap the profile section you may want to sit down. Slice shows you the dollar amount of how much you've spent online. Scary.

This is a pack we bought from Amazon and Slice had everything integrated there with a picture. Another thing Slice is good at is tracking packages. You'll get a push notification as soon as your package is delivered.

If Slice can't pick up the exact details of one of your purchases, it is easy to add the info and it will integrate into the app.

Settings allow you to link more inboxes, invite friends, send feedback, and view slice on the web.

One of Slice's newest features is the ability to alert you when an item you bought drops in price. The app tells you exactly what to do to get your money back.

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