You Can Sleep In The Trunk Of A Tesla For $85 A Night On Airbnb

If you’ve always wanted to try out a Tesla Model S but can’t afford the steep price tag, this Airbnb listing may be your chance.

Sort of.

A man from Phoenix is charging car enthusiasts $US85 to spend the night in his $US118,000 Tesla.

Owner Steve Sasman has outfitted the car’s trunk with a twin airbed, linens, and remote-controlled candles to set the mood.

“I’ve already slept in this thing three times so why not let other people do it?” Sasman said to CBS5.

The sleeping area looks quite snug.

According to the listing, tall people need not apply.

“Sorry, NO NBA Players allowed,” Sasman writes. “Despite my love for basketball, the Tesla is just too small for anyone over 6′ 6″. Please…stop asking.”

The Teslahotel offerssome awesome perks: “Since the Tesla uses NO gas the Tesla’s A/C or Heat can run all night without any problem locked securely in my attached garage. You can set the mood with your selection of any Internet music you would like on the huge 17″ monitor.”

Sasman is a part-time Uber driver, and he’ll drive you around town in the Tesla if you pay an extra fee.

You can also access parts of his home if you’d like.

“As the Tesla is of course my transportation, I would request that you are up by 8am so I can get to work,” he writes. “However, this is very flexible and we can agree on a time the night before of course! You are free to hang out in the Condo and even sleep-in longer on the big comfy couch if you like.”

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