"Slave" Girls Attempted To Blackmail Their $100 Million Investment Advisor "Master"


Way back in 2007, married DuPont heir Stephen Dent found himself the victim of an extortion scheme when girls he had been paying for “companionship” attempted to milk him for even more money. The Greenwich police and the FBI intervened. But just a couple of months later, Dent was back on the very same “sugar daddy” website, trolling for new “companions.” Yep. He got blackmailed again.Some people never learn.

From GreenwichTime:

The women called him “master.” He called them his “slaves.”

But the women Greenwich financial titan Stephen Dent met online clearly were the ones with the power.

They used that power to extract more than $200,000, which Dent gave them voluntarily in exchange for both online companionship and sex.

Then, they tried to get more.

At least three of the women or their associates have tried to blackmail Dent, 54, a Harvard-educated multi-millionaire, DuPont heir and successful entrepreneur who lives on a private street in Riverside. Two of those cases have resulted in FBI-Greenwich Police Department investigations, and extortion charges.

All of the extortion attempts came as a result of relationships Dent formeby trolling the Web site SeekingArrangement.com. Police records indicate Dent visited the site habitually for at least two years, looking for women to chat with and, in some instances, to meet for sex. He paid women he met on the site as much as $15,000 for sex, according to police reports released recently in response to a public-records request from Greenwich Time.

SeekingArrangement.com caters to older, wealthy men, or “sugar daddies,” willing to pay young women, or “sugar babies,” for their companionship. The site, based in Nevada, brands itself “a match making Web site for wealthy benefactors, and attractive guys and gals” and was recently profiled in the New York Times Magazine.

There are lots of more details on Greenwich Time, so go check them out. For more analysis, check out Christopher Fountain’s blog.

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