You've never seen a bridge like this before

You’ve never seen a bridge like this before. This is the Slauerhoffbrug. Otherwise known as the “Flying Drawbridge.” You can find it in the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. It crosses over the Harlinger Vaart River.

How does it “fly?” The Slauerhoffbrug is classified as a tail bridge. It uses a single pylon, instead of traditional hinges. This method allows for a quick opening. Two hydraulic cylinders in the pylon do the lifting and lowering. Heavy boat traffic utilises the bridge opening. The bridge raises and lowers 10 times per day.

The bridge was constructed in 2002. Its built from iron and steel. The yellow and blue colouring come from Leewaurden’s flag. The Slauerhoffbrug joins many other bridges with interesting designs in the Netherlands.

Erasmusbrug – Rotterdam, Netherlands

EnneĆ¼s Heerma Bridge – Amersfoort, Netherlands

Python Bridge – Amsterdam, Netherlands

You may cross now.

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