Slain Google Executive's Yacht Is On Sale For Just $US345,000

Police arrested an alleged high-end prostitute, Alix Tichelman, last week in connection to the murder of a Google executive named Forrest Hayes aboard his yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor.

And now that yacht is for sale, KRON 4 reports.

The 50-foot yacht was moved from the Santa Cruz marina to the marina in Alameda, California. It’s being sold by a yacht broker on behalf of Hayes’ family for $US345,000. The story of what happened on the yacht will be disclosed to whoever buys it.

Hayes made various improvements to the tech on the yacht, including installing a video surveillance system. He hooked up the cameras so he could watch the boat being remodeled from his cell phone.

The video surveillance equipment upgrade is what ultimately led to the arrest of Tichelman. Video footage allegedly showed her making no effort to help the suffering Hayes after giving him an injection of heroin, and then drinking a glass of wine and drawing the blinds before leaving the boat.

Check out the inside of the yacht in the video below:

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