It's not just you: Slack is having major issues right now

  • As of Friday morning, the popular messaging service Slack is experiencing major disruptions.
  • Though users are able to login, there are major functionality issues – some messages aren’t going through, some can’t be edited, others being duplicated, and normal operations like link previews aren’t always working.
  • The company, which recently went public, acknowledged the issues on its service page and said the issues began early on Friday morning.
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No, it’s not just you: Slack is behaving weirdly as of Friday morning.

The list of issues is wide-ranging: Some messages aren’t going through, and others won’t allow users to edit them. Links won’t necessarily show a preview, and some files attempting to be uploaded aren’t being uploaded, or messages are showing up twice.

In short, Slack functionality on Friday morning is erratic and undependable.

Slack disruptionSlack

The company says issues started just before 8AM ET on Friday morning, and have persisted in the ensuing hour.

In our experience – Business Insider uses Slack as our main communication tool – the service is functional but unpredictable.

For instance: Messages will show up as “unable to send,” and when “Try Again” is clicked, the message posts twice.

Slack issuesSlack

If you’re looking to stay as up to date as possible on Slack getting fixed, head over to the Slack status website right here.

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