Slack CEO Denies He's Raising At A Billion Dollar Valuation

Slack CEO Stewart ButterfieldSlackSlack CEO Stewart Butterfield

TechCrunch reported Thursday that the enterprise collaboration app Slack is raising a new round of funding at a valuation of up to $US1 billion.

Citing its own sources, TechCrunch said Sequoia and KPCB are participating in this round. In the article, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield declined to comment on it directly, except to say Slack is raising money “some time in the next six years.”

So we just called Butterfield to confirm the news and ask about it.

When asked about the TechCrunch article, Butterfield said, “It’s not true.” When we followed up and asked if it’s totally not true, he confirmed again, “Right.”

Since Butterfield was in a meeting, we couldn’t ask him any more follow up questions. But it’s worth noting that these funding rounds are a complicated process, and just because Butterfield denied it doesn’t mean Slack is not raising money. But it sounds like the TechCrunch report is at least partially wrong.

And this is what Slack just tweeted:

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