Skype Founders Sue Again To Disrupt eBay Deal

The Skype founders’ mission to disrupt eBay’s deal to sell the Internet phone company they created continues.

Skype’s founders filed a lawsuit against Index Ventures and old pal Mike Volpi today, following up on a suit against eBay (EBAY) and Skype’s new investors earlier this week.

The suit claims that Volpi “misappropriated confidential information” about Skype’s P2P technology “as he moved to Index Ventures and helped orchestrate its bid for Skype” and “maliciously and wilfully breached his fiduciary duties,” the WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler reports.

As we’ve noted, Volpi’s long relationship with the Skype guys is getting ugly (and complicated) fast. Volpi used to be on Skype’s board before eBay bought it; then became CEO of Joost, also started by Skype’s founders; and now is buying Skype and potentially becoming its chief executive.

It’s easy to see why Skype’s founders — who tried and failed to buy Skype from eBay earlier this year — would be upset.

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