Sorry FaceTime, Windows Phone 7 Just Beat You

Nokia Windows Phone 7

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Skype has reason to celebrate today after being bought by Microsoft for a whopping $8.5 billion.But Windows Phone 7 users have reason to celebrate too.

Now that Skype is part of Microsoft, WP7 will get a huge advantage when it comes to the popular VoIP and video chat service.

Imagine integrated Skype calls at no extra cost. And this will easily be WP7’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime or Android’s video chat via Google Talk.

Skype is already on millions of computers, making the network instantly larger than anything FaceTime could hope to achieve. (For now, FaceTime is limited to iDevices and Macs.)

It’ll take a while to implement Skype into Windows Phones, but when it comes to mobile video chat, it looks like Microsoft has a huge advantage over the competition.

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