11 Of The Most Ridiculous Items Sold By SkyMall

SkyMall filed for bankruptcy today.

The aeroplane catalogue business is known for selling quirky — and arguably useless — items.

We went through SkyMall’s website to find some of the most ridiculous items.

Wrist Cell Phone Carrier

This piece of pink velcro is described as a “fashion statement.” It costs $US29.99.

Serenity Cat Pod

This $US1000 contraption is supposed to block out most noises, giving cats a peaceful place to sleep. But how does the cat get in and out of the pod?

Wireless Call Notifier

50% of women miss phone calls, according to SkyMall. This $US49.99 invention is supposed to light up when you get a call. But if we’re carrying a bag, this light would be out of our line of vision anyway.

Stainless Steel Wine Plate Clips

These clips are supposed to keep wine from spilling, but they seem like a hassle. A set of 72 clips is $US150.57.

Pierogi Ornament

“Our finely crafted and tastefully decorated ornament is sure to become a family heirloom,” according to SkyMall. It costs $US9.95.

Mike Tyson Signed Punch Out Framed Photo

Punch Out was a video game from the ’80s. This $US249.99 print was signed by Tyson himself.

iPhone Cufflinks With Case

These are a fashion don’t. Spend your $US29.99 somewhere else.

Winky Cross Body Bag

This giant eye actually opens and shuts. Terrifying. The bag costs $US39.99

Dog Breed Toaster

This $US44.95 toaster lets you choose a variety of dog breeds to put on your toast.

Versailles Telephone

This $US99.95 landline is “modelled after the elegant desk phones found at the Royal Palace at Versailles.”

Zombie Of Montclair Moors

“Not for the faint of heart, this grey-toned Zombie of Montclaire Moors statue will claw his way out of your garden plot, office, or family room corner, pleading for assistance with the eeriest eyes you’ve ever seen,” SkyMall says. It costs $US99.95.

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