Check Out The Australian Flying Saucer That Can Transport Buildings


How can flying saucers possibly kick-start the global economy?

An Australian company is building a vehicle, called SkyLifter, that could revolutionise transportation. And it looks like an alien space ship.

Although the SkyLifter is still in planning stages, it could eventually be used to put buildings in remote places, carry heavy equipment, and even take tourists on exotic locations, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

We think it could be very useful in the US where it might allow people to move their depressed houses into areas with a more robust market.

No, this isn't a scene from Avatar

SkyLifter can drop buildings right next to strange places like waterfalls

It's SkyLifter, a flying mechanism unlike anything we've ever seen

SkyLifter can pick up and carry payloads up to 150 tons

These big white things are the standard 25-meter SkyLifter building

What this means: You can set up ski resorts on a whim

It can deposit hotels on exotic islands

How about a moving hospital?

Unlike helicopters the SkyLifter doesn't produce downdraft or noise

SkyLifter is powered by bio diesel and solar

SkyLifter can be flown by one pilot

It uses something called aerostatic lift to stay in the air and propellers to control its direction

Making the impossible possible

SkyLifter is also considering using its device for luxury air-cruising. At what price, we can only guess

But until the SkyLifter is real, you'll have to make to do with...

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