This Startup Is Fixing A Major Problem With The Kindle Fire

Ted MorganSkyhook CEO Ted Morgan

When Amazon decided to fork Android and build its own operating system, it ended up missing out on some key parts of the Android ecosystem, according to Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook Wireless.It didn’t get the Android Market, it didn’t get Google Maps, and it didn’t get location services.

The first one is not a big deal, since Amazon has its own App Store. The other two are problematic for developers. Without Maps or Location, a lot of apps are “broken,” says Morgan.

To solve the location problem, developers are partnering with Skyhook Wireless, which uses WiFi signals to determine location. The Kindle Fire has been great for Skyhook. Morgan says a lot of developers are coming to him to fill in that missing piece for applications.

This morning, Skyhook is announcing that it partnered with TweetCaster, one of the most popular third party Twitter apps. TweetCaster CEO Evan Conway told us it was a snap working with Skyhook to get location added to its app. “It took a couple of days, and from an end users experience, you don’t even notice it.”

Both Apple and Google have their own technology for location, which has been bad for Skyhook. Filling in a missing piece for Amazon has been good for business. Skyhook charges by users, or a share of ad revenue.

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