Skyfire Can't Handle Demand, Pulls App And Calls It "Sold Out"

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Photo: MSNBC

I hope all of you iPhone users interested in viewing Flash video on your phones took your chance to download Skyfire earlier today, because it looks like you’re not going to get another chance for a while.

This evening, a note appeared on the official Skyfire blog claiming that the app had already become the top-grosser on the App Store, but that the company’s servers were no longer able to handle the load of converting all that Flash video to HTML5. So Skyfire pulled the app and is calling it “sold out.”

If you got a chance to install it, the app actually seems to be working pretty well tonight. At about 10:30 PM Pacific time, I was able to get a 19 minute video to start after about 10 seconds, and I’m not experiencing any stutters or lags. So maybe Skyfire’s been able to add capacity quickly enough to keep up.

As an aside, this is perfect use case for a cloud-computing service like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft’s Windows Azure–immediate capacity as you need it, without having to frantically add more servers to your datacenter. Somebody phone Skyfire and let them know.

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