Take A Tour Inside The Filming Locations Of The Latest Bond Film, 'Skyfall'

james bond skyfallBond bobs though a marketplace in Istanbul.

Photo: Sony Pictures

The only item more impressive than 007’s stunts in the James Bond films are the locations in which they’re filmed.We went through Sony’s production notes for “Skyfall” due out November 9 to take a look at exactly where the film takes place.

Originally, six countries in total were supposed to be featured in the film; however, due to reported budget cuts in January, shooting was to stay primarily in the UK.

Production used 31 different sets on eight sound stages at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire alone for filming.

Despite the cutbacks, the film was able to shoot on location in Scotland, China, and Turkey as well. 

There are no real spoilers; however, if you want to spare yourself of any Bond related news prior to the “Skyfall” release next month, we suggest you turn away.

It's the third film to be shot in Istanbul after 'From Russia with Love' and 'The World Is Not Enough.'

... which Bond races in a high-pursuit chase. An area consisting of more than 250 market stalls was created by the art and props department this scene.

Filming at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar was only allowed on Sundays when it was closed due to the harm that could come to its 400,000 daily visitors.

A group of some 500 Turks filled in as extras to make the Bazaar to create the atmosphere of a normal-operating day.

The train scene depicted in every trailer shows the Varda Bridge outside of Adana, Turkey.

Bond stunt double, Andy Lister, dove backward off the 300 foot drop for the scene. A crane was set up on a train carriage to hold a safety line.

The production team negotiated with 613 part owners of the Calis Beach in Fethiye, Turkey ... to film along the coastline.

The mountains in Glencoe, Scotland served as the backdrop ...

... during Bond's drive with M in his Aston Martin DB5.

Filming for the third 'Harry Potter' movie also took place in Glencoe in 2003.

The crew received rare access to shoot aerial footage from a helicopter on loan from the Chinese government.

Production shut down Vauxhall Bridge and Millbank with the help of the Mayor's Office and Transportation For London ...

... for a scene where M witnesses an attack on MI6 headquarters.

The Virgin Active pool in London's Canary Wharf acted as ...

... Bond's hotel pool in Shanghai.

The interior of the Golden Dragon Casino where Bond will meet Severine was constructed on a sound stage at Pinewood.

300 floating lanterns and two 30-foot high dragon heads lit the set.

The Old Vic tunnels underneath Waterloo Station in London ...

... served as the M16 training grounds.

The entrance to London's fourth tallest building, Broadgate Tower, was lit up to look like an office building in Shanghai.

Production worked during the National Portrait Gallery's closing hours at night to film the meeting ...

... between Bond and Ben Whishaw's character, Q.

Continue celebrating the 50th anniversary of 007 ...

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