‘Skyfall’ Closes In On $1B Worldwide — Here’s Your Box-Office Roundup

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When it looked like “Twilight” would easily conquer the box office until the release of Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit” later this week, Daniel Craig and “Skyfall” intervened.The latest Bond film continues to rule the box office now closing in on earning $1 billion worldwide.  

Otherwise, the top movies at the box office stayed more or less the same with DreamWork’s “Rise of the Guardians” moving up one spot. Though it may stay in the top 10 through the New Year, the film likely won’t earn $100 million, rare for a DreamWorks film of recent. 

Meanwhile, Gerard Butler’s latest box-office appearance bombed while Brad Pitt’s flop from last week, “Killing Me Softly” continues its descent at theatres. 

Out of the top 10 this week is little-buzzed about sequel “The Collection” after one week. And, in less than 400 theatres, “Silver Linings Playbook” just misses making a top spot for the second week in a row.  

Here are this week’s box-office winners and losers: 

10.  Brad Pitt’s “Killing Them Softly” manages to hold onto a top 10 spot in week two earning $2.7 million. However, that’s not saying much when a film open in 2,000 less theatres – “Silver Linings Playbook” – is earning nearly the same amount.

9. Denzel Washington’s “Flight” clocks in at the same place as last week down 30 per cent this week to $3.1 million. The film, which cost an estimated $31 million to make, has now earned $89.6 million.  

8. “Red Dawn” takes in another $4.3 million in week three bringing its box-office total to $37.3 million. Paramount’s remake which took a lengthy three years to bring to theatres cost an estimated $65 million to make.  

7. Another week, another $4.9 million for “Wreck-It Ralph.” With $215.5 million at the box office in six weeks, Disney’s has already garnered talk of a sequel. 

6. After “Chasing Mavericks” washed up a box-office dud, Gerard Butler’s latest romantic comedy “Playing for Keeps” also fell flat debuting to $6 million. 

5. Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” adaptation earns another $8.3 million in week three. The story of a boy trapped at sea with a tiger named Richard Parker has grossed $166.6 million worldwide. 

4. “Lincoln” nearly beat out “Twilight” this week with $9.1 million at the box office. In five weeks, Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of the 16th president has earned $97.3 million in the U.S. Not too bad for a film which opened to a limited release which earned less than a million. 

3. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” has finally bowed out of the top spot in week four with $9.2 million. The final instalment of the franchise has now earned $751.1 million worldwide with nearly $500 million of its box-office sales coming from overseas.

2. With one new film out this week, and buzz from “Lincoln” and “Twilight” wearing off, “Rise of the Guardians” was able to push its way to the top of the box office this week earning $10.5 million. DreamWork’s latest animated feature failed to live up to expectations with a low opening weekend. Thankful for both Paramount and DreamWorks, the film is being received better overseas. Domestically the film has brought in $61.9 million while foreign box-office sales have amassed $90.5 million. 

1. This is how you know “Skyfall” is a great movie. It led the box-office a month ago, took a back seat to “Twilight” for two weeks, and still manages to come out the box-office winner in week five. The 23rd film in the franchise has now earned a massive $918.2 million worldwide. 

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