A skydiver jumped out of a plane 7.5km without a parachute and successfully landed in a net

On Saturday, Luke Aikins became the first person to ever successfully skydive from an aeroplane without a parachute or wingsuit and successfully land back on the ground.

In a stunt titled, “Heaven Sent Jump,” the 42-year-old Aikins jumped out of a plane about five miles up (7600 metres) and more than two minutes later, he landed in a net. 

The net that Aikins was aiming for is about 30m x 30m according to NPR. The 930 square-metres is about one-third the size of a US football field.

Here is how the jump unfolded. You can see the full video at the end.

7600 metres

Above the target zone, Aikins and three support skydivers jumped out of the plane. Aikins does not have a parachute.

7000 metres

Almost immediately after jumping out of the plane, Aikins starts practicing a rollover onto his back. This is how he must land in the net to avoid serious injury.


5100 metres/h2>
After 2400 metres of free falling, Aikins is travelling 150 mph and his heart is beating nearly as fast at 148 beats per minute.

Aikins also has to adjust for win speed as he aims for a target he can barely see.

4500 metres

Aikins is now 40% of the way to the ground and one of Aikins’ support divers takes Aikins’ oxygen mask.

Shortly after this, at about 12,500 feet, Aikins hears a beep in his helmet telling him he is halfway to the ground.

2100 metres

At the 2100 metre mark, Aikins has already been falling for more than 90 seconds and yet the net that he is aiming for still looks incredibly tiny.

1500 metres

With about one mile to go, Aikins practices his rollover a final time. Once his support divers see that he is OK, they release their own parachutes.

Aikins is now officially on his own and the ground is coming quickly.


300 metres

This is Aikins’ view of the target about six seconds before he reaches the ground. It is a white net over a green background.

The distance from one side of the net to the other side is about the length of a basketball court.

150 metres

After free falling for more than two minutes, Aikins flips over onto his back about one second before impact and successfully landed in the net.


Once the net was lowered, Aikins jumped up, uninjured, and celebrated with his team.

Here is the full jump via YouTube account MrTreknation.



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