Getty/ Lisa Maree Williams. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott visiting Sydney polls on Election Day.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s election analyst Antony Green has called the election for the Coalition, based on the swings being shown across the eastern states in early vote counting.

With swings showing 3.6% to the Coalition in NSW, 5.2% in Victoria and 11% in Tasmania, indicators are that Labor will lose seats.

It needed to retain all its seats and gain another four to retain office.

“I’m seeing consistently Labor behind and losing seats,” Green said.

Earlier a Sky News exit poll has predicted Labor will lose today’s Federal Election in a landslide result with the Coalition picking up 25 seats.

The poll predicted the Coalition would have 97 seats in the new Parliament, a crushing majority. 76 seats are required for a majority in the Lower House.

The poll also predicts Labor will come out with 51 seats (which means they lose 21), Independents will secure 2 and the Greens zero — with Adam Bandt losing Melbourne.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith is too close to call, where he is being challenged by former Australian Medical Association president Bill Glasson. Early counting suggests a swing away from the Prime Minister of around 6%.

Disgraced independent Craig Thomson, who resigned from the Labor party amid allegations he used union funds to pay for prostitutes, is predicted to lose his seat of Dobell.

Similar results were predicted in exit polls conducted by Galaxy for the Nine Network and by Roy Morgan.

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