Skip Bayless Says Jay Cutler's Only Problem Is That He's A Bad Actor

Skip Bayless, of all people, comes to the defence of Jay Culter today, saying that the reason people didn’t think he was hurt, was because he wasn’t on the sideline milking his injuries for the camera the way so many other players do.

Check out the video from “First Take” below.

Others have rushed to Cutler’s defence too, pointing out that he was sacked more than any other QB in the league this year, but only missed one game due to a concussion. Also, Cutler has had way worse first halves than the one he had against Green Bay, but never took himself out of a game before, in college or the pros.

The problem is that Cutler is supremely uninterested in what other people think about him and didn’t bother hamming it up for the benefit of fans at home. However, as those who interviewed him in the locker room after the game have reported he was clearly stung by accusations that he wasn’t tough enough.

Now, that we’ve learned that he did indeed tear his MCL, we’ll be eagerly awaiting all the apologies. (Don’t hold your breath.)

(Video via ES PN2)

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