Alex Rodriguez Looks 'Noticeably Thinner And Massless'

Alex RodriguezGetty ImagesA-Rod is a shell of his former self.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any uglier between the New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez, they did.

According to the New York Post, the Yankees rejected a proposal by A-Rod to meet face-to-face so he could apologise for the Biogenesis scandal and on top of that, it sounds like they are going to fight a $US6 million marketing bonus he will be due as soon as he hits six more home runs.

But there is more.

In that same report, a source for the Post described Rodriguez as “now looking noticeably thinner and massless than in previous years.”

Here are two recent photos of A-Rod, one from September (left) and one from earlier this month at an event in Miami (right).

Of course, it will be difficult to see the difference until we see him in a Yankees uniform at training camp. However, here is what A-Rod looked like when last played in 2013.

Alex RodriguezDominic Reuter/ReutersAlex Rodriguez in 2013

But maybe more importantly to the Yankees, here is what Rodriguez looked like before signing a 10-year, $US275 million contract with the team, compared to what he looks like now.

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