Skillshare Hires Passionate People Without Resumes Over Those With College Degrees

Skillshare founders Mike and MalcolmSkillshare’s co-founders.

Photo: Skillshare

Skillshare is a New York startup that turns anyone into a teacher and any place into a classroom.It has a unique hiring philosophy. The startup says it prefers people who are passionate over the higher education they’ve received. It’s also not a fan of traditional resumes.

“We literally do not take resumes,” Skillshare’s community manager, Danya Cheskis-Gold, tells us. “That is not to say that having a consolidated page of information about you isn’t helpful. It’s just not the [best indicator of] what we believe it takes to work at a startup.”

For example, Skillshare’s third employee is lead designer Jake Przespo who attended ITT Technical Institute and taught himself design. Creative Director Thompson Harrell was a freelancer before joining Skillshare.

“None of us went to Ivy League schools or anything,” Cheskis-Gold says. Because it doesn’t matter.

Instead of a resume,┬áCheskis-Gold prefers links to online portfolios and references from an applicant’s colleagues that can attest to their values and drive. Previous projects and experiences that show potential are much more appreciated than what an applicant has “theoretically learned to do.”

This hiring method has never backfired on Cheskis-Gold. Skillshare’s 15 employees come from startup backgrounds and are all passionate about changing the future of education.

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