14 skills everyone should learn in their 20s

Just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out.

You’ve still got plenty of important skills left to learn — but now you’re on your own.

To help you navigate this confusing time, we reviewed several Quora threads on helpful skills and ways to spend time in your 20s and highlighted the most useful insights.

Here are the life skills every 20-something should master.

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8. How to demonstrate good table manners

'A lot of interviews take place over meals,' writes Drew Pavilonis.

'Chewing loudly, or eating with your mouth open, licking fingers and utensils (yes, I've seen it), elbows on the table, just shows a lack of manners and social skills.'


10. How to live within your means

Cho advises young adults to think carefully about all their expenditures:

'Luxuries are a wonderful thing only if you can truly afford them. Don't be a slave to funding a lifestyle that will not last. Learn to live modestly and save up, and then you will have earned the right to purchase yourself some treats, in moderation.'

13. How to accept the possibility of change

Research by psychologist Dan Gilbert suggests that we have a hard time imagining how much we'll change in the future.

So it makes sense that Choi says, 'It's near impossible to plan where you'll be a few years from now.'

Choi uses his own trajectory as an example. During college he studied engineering, and he never imagined he'd move to rural Eastern Europe to harvest corn afterward -- but he did. While living in Europe, he never thought he'd later move to a fancy building in New York City -- but that's exactly what happened.

Expect to be surprised (hopefully pleasantly) by the way your life unfolds.

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