Unbelievable Headline From 1935 Confirms That Nothing Ever Changes In The World

unemployment line great depression

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection

“Skilled Workmen In Demand Despite Vast Unemployment”That was the headline of a Washington Post article (March 13, 1935, p 22). The subhead was, “technological progress has been so rapid during the depression that welders and other experts, idle since 1929, are outmoded.” The first paragraph told readers:

“unemployment may run into the millions, but as the iron, steel, and metal-working industries improve, a scarcity of skilled workmen is developing, states the magazine Steel this week.”

This shows that technology might change rapidly, but economic reporting at the Washington Post doesn’t. Many of the stories it has written in the last two years about shortages of skilled workers in the midst of mass unemployment could have been plagiarized from this 1935 piece.

It is also striking that this piece, like much current economic reporting, relies exclusive on business sources. The article does not make any reference to any independent experts and of course, no one from a union or any workers’ organisation.

(Thanks to Seth Ackerman for sending me this gem from the past.)

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