Ski Jumper Broke His Arm During A Nasty Crash In Heavy Fog

The ski jumping portion of the nordic combined event (ski jumping followed by cross-country skiing) was held in a heavy fog that may have contributed to a scary crash and a broken arm for a Japanese competitor.

Taihei Kato of Japan appeared to successfully complete his jump. However, one of his skis got loose and he crashed, breaking his arm according to an AP report. He was unable to compete in the cross-country portion and had to withdraw from the event.

It was amazing that the event was not postponed. Here is what the ski jump looked like just minutes before the start. Ski jumping seems scary enough when you can actually see where you are going.

Things did seem a bit less intimidating at the top of the hill, if possible.

However, visibility did not extend very far. Just prior to the first jumper, you could barely see the trees and mountains in the background.

And it was clear during the jump that the jumpers were in for an added challenge.

After the first jumper, there was a delay. However, it only lasted a few minutes and the competition continued.

Kato was the 22nd athlete to jump and on the jump just prior to his, it appeared as though the conditions were getting worse.

Kato seemed to be under control during his jump.

But then things went horribly wrong, crashing and coming down hard on his left elbow.

He immediately grabbed his arm and was in obvious pain.

Kato’s fellow competitors knew it was a bad crash.

Kato had to be taken off the hill on a stretcher and his Olympics came to an abrupt end.

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