Forget Ski Jumping: Ski FLYING Is Your New favourite Extreme Sport

We all love watching crazy Scandinavian daredevils launch themselves off of ski hills every four years, but some people feel those little “bunny hills” we’re used to in the Winter Olympics are not quite good enough.

Hardcore jumpers are kicking the sport up a notch, with new equipment, and new bigger hills that let jumpers soar much further than anyone has before. According to, a new hill just opened in Norway this week — the world’s biggest, called Vikersundbakken — and someone already broke the world record for the longest jump ever. 246 meters. That’s more than two football fields, including the end zones.

Here’s Norway’s Johan Remen Evensen doing the ultimate flying squirrel impression:

Enjoy it now too, because this was merely practice for a World Cup ski flying competition to be held on the new ramp. There’s a good chance this record won’t even last the weekend.

(For the record, Olympic jump are in 130-140 meter range. Anything above 150 would be considered ski flying.)

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