An underdog is taking over the sneaker market

An unlikely brand is taking over the athletic market.

Sales at Skechers, a classic underdog of athletic apparel, are soaring.

The brand, which has been around for years, is often overshadowed by other giants like Nike and Adidas.

The brand’s 2015 second quarter net sales saw an increase of 36.4% — an almost unheard-of number in retail.

Skechers has surpassed Adidas to become the second-largest athletic footwear company in America.

Skechers has 5% of US market share, compared with 4.6% for Adidas, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing NPD group.

Nike still has the largest share, with 62% of the market.

But thanks to some recent investments, Skechers is now one of the hottest shoe companies in America.

Skechers is “is the latest beneficiary of the so-called athleisure trend in retail, with shoppers snapping up sport-styled clothes and shoes regardless of whether they plan to work out in them,” according to WSJ.

So how Skechers dominating?

Through strong marketing and advertising to families.

The brand is smart to market to children because they typically outgrow shoes and need new ones throughout the year.

Skechers’ most recent marketing campaign includes singers Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor.

Using popstars grabs the attention of children and teens, but the company needs to be careful that its shoes don’t become a fad that phases out over time.

SkechersSkechers FacebookMeghan Trainor is part of Skechers’ current advertising campaign.

Skechers is also continuing to expand worldwide, with locations in Czech Republic and Nigeria.

Expect to see the company dominate in the future.

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