These guys are turning trash into beautiful skateboards

Artist Mac Premo was contacted by the World Wildlife Fund to contribute to their “Everyday Things” collection for Earth Hour. The collection’s goal was to repurpose daily objects to show how creativity can lead the way in encouraging people to live a greener lifestyle. 
Mac collaborated with skateboarding company Sanford Shapes to create skateboard decks made entirely out of construction buckets. 

Shot & directed by Mac Premo

Edited by Ann Lupo 

Production team: Pete Treiber, Adrianna Dufay & Divya Gadangi

Sound design by Mac Premo & Ann Lupo

Sound mixed & mastered by Luciano Vignola

Shot in Leucadia, Encinitas and Carlsbad, California on location at Sanford Shapes.

For more information on the project visit

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