Huge Law Firm Files Lawsuit So Guy Can't Collect 401K Of The Legal Secretary He Killed

The law firm
Skaddenhas filed a lawsuit to stop a killer from collecting 401(K) funds from his grandmother — a Skadden legal secretary he killed,
the New York Daily News reports.

Skadden manages the 401(K) account of Rosemarie Little, a now-deceased Skadden secretary who had wanted her grandson Christopher Jackson to receive 25% of the retirement funds when she died.

The problem is that Jackson is serving a 15-year prison sentence for Little’s brutal murder. Jackson admitted to cops back in April 2011 that he had stuffed a shirt inside the mouth of 62-year-old Little and held it with rubber bands to suffocate her, the Daily News reported at the time.

Then Jackson reportedly told cops he got high and ate six waffles.

Now, Skadden says in its complaint, “By the terms of the plan (Skadden) may be obligated to pay a portion of the account to Jackson.”

The other 75% of the plan is supposed to go to Little’s son Abdul Malik Little. It’s unclear whether Skadden will pay Jackson’s 25% to him if it wins the lawsuit.

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