SixApart Bringing "Serious-arse Tech" To NYC. What About Jobs?

Earlier this week’s Six Apart’s Anil Dash told us he was psyched to bring “a serious-arse tech startup to the city”, via Six Apart New York, the blog company’s new unit. We think there are probably at least a handful of companies that might argue that they already qualify for “serious-arse” status in our benighted burg, but whatever. Happy to have more tech jobs here, period.

Alas, it’s not clear how many tech jobs the “serious-arse” company will be creating. In a post celebrating his five years at Six Apart — and the fact that he gets to work out of NYC — Anil notes that his company is indeed hiring. But only one of the 21 jobs Six Apart has posted is actually based here. Nor is it a tech job, “serious-arse” or otherwise. Instead, Anil and company are looking for a … wait for it … online ad salesman. Welcome to town, guys. Get in line.

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