"What's the forecast today? Steel Rain": Powerful true-war stories told in 6-word poems

The “Six-Word War” project is the first crowdsourced war memoir collecting experiences from veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

In six-word poems, veterans describe the complexities of modern warfare in their own words.

The results are at times humorous, agonizing, reflective, and profound.

Submissions for “Six-Word War” are accepted on Tumblr, Facebook, and #SixWordWar.

Here’s a selection of 21 powerful poems from the “Six-Word War” memoir.

'General, sir, we shouldn't go outside.'

'I'll never be this cool again.'

'You guys ready, let's do this.'

US Marines

Source: sixwordwar.com

'Nervous doesn't even f------ cover it.'

'Arabic? No. Everybody speaks automatic weapon.'

'Cigarettes won't kill you. Rockets will.'

'Five names on a black bracelet.'

'Watch my back, I'll watch yours.'

'LT, he says no Taliban here.'

'I'm doing the best I can.'

US Marine Corps

Source: sixwordwar.com

'Can't redeploy everything, destroy in place.'

'The national anthem makes me cry.'

'Aeroplane wheels hitting US soil. Relief.'

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