Six tactics leaders use to organise their desks to make the workplace better for everyone

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When you’re focused on the many moving parts of your business it’s hard to find the tools that will work wonders in your office. Nonetheless the best leaders lead by example.

Here are some great ideas to help show the team how to stay at the top of your game.

1) Break your tasks down into smaller chunks

Even CEOs can become overwhelmed by the enormity of a task and deterred from getting started at all. If you can break down the challenge into smaller chunks you’ll be able to digest it more easily.

Samsung Galaxy A8. Source: Supplied

We recommend: Write down each section of your tasks on Stick-it Notes. It’s a simple, yet effective tool to help keep you motivated. Pop them on a whiteboard and you can move them from to-do, in progress, to done. It’s a tried and tested productivity technique.

2) Batching emails and meetings to give yourself uninterrupted work time

Don’t switch between projects unless you’ve reached a real road block. Staying on task throughout the day means that you’ll get more done because you’ll stay in flow.

We recommend: Move yourself in the right workzone. Samsung Galaxy A8 and an HP Pentium Convertible laptop will give you the portability you need to avoid interruption. Add a Desktop USB charger to your new work-hub so that you never have to worry about battery-life.

3) Learn to delegate well

This is something that great leaders do well. Delegation is crucial to expanding your business and setting up for success. You should have confidence in your team to be able to handover key tasks.

We recommend: Don’t hoard crucial files on your desktop. Load them up on a Samsung 500GB Solid State Drive and share them with your team. The trust you show to your team will boost confidence and productivity.

4) High intensity vs low intensity tasks

When you look at your task list there are a mixture of strategic thinking, analytical skills and problem solving. Then, there are tasks you can do in your sleep. Structure your day so that you’re doing harder tasks in peak performance periods.

We recommend: A Keji whiteboard will help keep your key tasks highly visible to keep them top of mind.

5) Your memory is your greatest weakness. Write it down.

Memory is notoriously unreliable, but there is a well established link between the act of writing things down and remembering them later.

We recommend: Nothing beats an Otto notebook and a pen. Whether you’re in a meeting, or just jotting down ideas at your desk, you’ll benefit by keeping this tool handy.

Professional Racer Chair. Source: Supplied.

6) Set up your workspace for success

The ergonomics of your workspace are important. CEOs are looking into the psychology of their fitouts to ensure that comfort brings staff retention.

We recommend: A Professional Racer Chair has back tilt, chair tilt, and armrest adjustments so that you can customise it to your preferences.

Keep on top of your work space. You’ll find that it has a huge impact on your whole business by leading with organisation and efficiency.


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