Six South Australian Police Officers Have Been Arrested After Corruption Investigation

Image: Getty.

Six South Australian plain clothes police officers have been arrested today following a joint investigation involving the SA Police Anti-Corruption Branch and the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

The officers, from Sturt Local Service Area, will be charged with property related theft offences and abuse of public office.

South Australian Police Commissioner Gary Burns said there were “irregularities” with the way the officers were operating.

The Operation Mantle investigation into the behaviour was launched in February and was focussed on the Sturt service area.

“There’s no indication of any drugs being stolen,” he said, adding he wouldn’t go into what was stolen but that it ranged from alcohol to tools and electronics.

One officer is a sergeant and the others are constables and senior constables.

“These officers apart from being arrested have been suspended.” Burns said.

“They were working together at the time the offences took place.”

The investigation is ongoing and authorities will be talking to all officers who have worked in the Sturt team.

The joint investigation was carried out in secret and authorities chose to reveal as much as they could after the arrests were made.

Burns emphasised, “This is isolated to a small group of people,” and that it shouldn’t be seen as a reflection on the South Australian Police Force.

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