Six In 10 Companies Will Not Upgrade To Windows 7


Six out of 10 companies will not upgrade to Microsoft (MSFT) Windows 7, Reuters reports.

In a survey of over 1,000 companies by Scriptlogic Corp., only 54 companies said they will implement the new OS by year end.

42% said they did not have the time or money to deploy Windows 7.

39% said they had concerns about its compatibility with current applications.

Reuters quotes Sean Angus, a survey respondent and senior personal computer technician at Middlesex Hospital, saying he would wait until the first “service pack” was released for Windows 7.

“The IT department must complete thorough testing to ensure that the applications we rely on each day, specifically radiology information systems and financial applications, will be compatible, before deploying any new platforms or software to our 1,500 desktops.”

Image: Ravedave

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