ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? Watch Out! Your Job May Be Literally Killing You


Are you reading this sitting down?  Perhaps from your office desk where you spend many hours in front of a computer toiling away?  Watch out.  Your job may be killing you. 

(Also, your computer, your television, and your video game system.)

NPR ran this happy little, get-ready-for-work feature this morning about how all the sitting down we do may be speeding up our trip to the grave. 

“We just aren’t really structured to be sitting for such long periods of time, and when we do that, our body just kind of goes into shutdown,” one expert tells NPR.

“If you’re sitting, your muscles are not contracting, perhaps except to type. But the big muscles, like in your legs and back, are sitting there pretty quietly,” says another.

This is bad and apparently results in elevated levels all of those things you don’t want elevated like blood pressure and cholesterol.

Here’s the really sucky part.  Even is you exercise regularly it may not be enough. 

“Let’s say you do 30 minutes of walking five days a week (as recommended by federal health officials), and let’s say you sleep for eight hours…Well, that still leaves 15.5 hours” in the day.”

Short of typing while you walk, doctors suggest you do short exercises at work to get the blood flowing.  Click here for examples