Sirius Beams Up New Devices, Tries Solving iPod Envy


Just returned from Sirius’ (SIRI) gadget showcase at their Midtown headquarters. The most interesting device they showed off is the new Stiletto 2, an iPod-sized gadget that can tune in to live Sirius content, record it for later, and supports micro-SD memory chips to side-load MP3s off your PC. (Works with Windows Media tracks, including subscription services, but no DRM-iTunes support.)

Sirius’ intent is to make their device as iPod-like as possible in form and functionality, with the added benefit of live satellite radio. Both they and former rival/partner-to-be XM have been at it for a while, and early attempts have been glitchy, bulky and expensive. They’re still not there, but they’re getting better. In cities like NYC, Sirius’ content is actually being broadcast using terrestrial radio towers. In the suburbs, Stiletto uses Sirius’ satellites, which require a big, bulky headset to receive the signal. More from CNet on the Stiletto and a new Sirius-compatible home music hub from Sonos.