You'll Be Able To Use Siri With Apple Pay

Zooey Deschanel Siri iPhoneYouTubeiPhone 6 users will be able to open Apple Pay with a voice command.

iPhone 6 users will be able to use Siri to activate Apple Pay when the platform launches later this month, according to Bank Innovation’s Ian Kar.

The financial tech publication tested Apple Pay with an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.0.2.

They noticed the phrase “Open my Bank of America credit card” prompted Passbook to open, signaling an integration between Apple’s virtual assistant and its nascent payment platform.

Although Siri integration would ostensibly increase the appeal to iPhone users, in practice it represents a complicated step users would have to take to use Apple Pay.

Remember, Apple Pay is supposed to be more convenient than swiping a plastic card. You don’t have to command your debit card when you want to use it.

Bank Innovation said that using a voice command to activate Apple Pay didn’t save users any time while using the platform. Users will still need to verify their identity with a passcode of via the iPhone 6’s Touch ID in order to complete a purchase. So it might be easier to just open the app and tap on the card you want, instead of waiting for Siri to do that for you.

However, Siri would make it possible for any disabled users, like those who are blind, to be able to use Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Walkthrough 3Business InsiderEven if they use Siri to open Apple Pay, users will have to confirm their identity with Touch ID or their passcode.

Apple hopes consumers will flock to Apple Pay precisely because it’s easy to use. Adding an extra step could make it less appealing, but Siri will likely be optional for Apple Pay.

After all, no one wants to say “Open my [name of bank] credit card,” before making a purchase. It’s still fairly awkward to use complicated voice commands in front of other people, but it could be much more so in retail situations, when there’s a line of people waiting behind you.

Surely some users will try to use Apple Pay with Siri. But many might find Siri a hassle that gets in the way of the Apple Pay experience.

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