Sir Howard Finally In Charge Of Sony?


Reports of internal discord at Sony (SNE) are legion, suggesting Sir Howard Stringer, the company’s first non-Japanese CEO, faces opposition from a company “old guard” committed to their own way of doing things.

Well it looks like Sony’s CEO is finally taking the reins: The company today announced Sir Howard is taking on duties as President in addition to CEO. The former President of Sony, Ryoji Chubachi, is being shunted aside into a new role as “vice chairman responsible for product quality and safety.”

And a new role for Sony gaming boss Kaz Hirai, the man behind the PS3, who caused a stir last month with statements that the third-place game console unit maintains “official leadership in this industry”: Kaz is heading up a new unit that oversees connectivity between Sony’s PCs and mobile electronics, something Sir Howard talked about at CES.

We’re glad to see Sir Howard looks to finally be in charge. Which also means he might finally be held accountable if Sony’s dismal performance and product offerings continue.