SINOFSKY FIRES BACK: I Wasn't A Power-Grabbing Jerk

Everyone is reporting that the reason Microsoft Windows boss Steven Sinofsky is suddenly no longer at the company is because he was a power-grabbing ego-maniac.

Yesterday, we published a story from a former senior executive at Microsoft about how Sinofsky’s manipulations were the reason famed software inventor Ray Ozzie quit the company.

Essentially, people are saying Sinofsky was too big of a reason why this famous comic about Microsoft’s org structure is true:

Microsoft org structure

Photo: Manu Cornet

Sinofsky, apparently fed up with this narrative, appears to have finally responded

We say “appears” because he did so in the form of a comment on a blog, and it’s hard to verify those things.

Former Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Hal Berenson wrote a post about how Sinofsky, already Windows boss, had also wanted to bring Windows Phone and the Developer Division under his control as well.

In comment, Sinofsky denied this charge specifically – “no one ever approached me to manage them as part of Windows 7 or 8” – and said that “historically,” he was never someone who tried to bring other organisations into his:

If we had worked together you would know that historically, very few things moved into teams I managed as (you’ve no doubt seen in internal blogs) and when they did I usually pushed back hard looking for a cross-group way to achieve the goal (in other words, decide open issues rather than force an org change to subsequently decide something). it is far better to collaborate with the org in place and avoid the disruption unless it is on a product cycle boundary and far better to plan and execute together than just organise together.

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