Sino-Japan Tensions Heat Up More -- Wen Threatens Retaliation Of Detained Fishing Captain

Tokyo Japan Night

In addition to the currency war being played out between Japan and China, the geopolitical tensions are coming to a boil, as Japan continues to hold in detention a Chinese fishing boat captain.


China’s Premier Wen Jiabao threatened more retaliatory action unless Japan “immediately and unconditionally” releases the fishing captain detained two weeks ago in disputed waters, Xinhua News Agency said.

“While we haven’t confirmed exactly what the Chinese Prime Minister said and so don’t know about the nuances, we believe broad, strategic talks on a high level as soon as possible would be beneficial,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku said in Tokyo. The case against the captain, Zhan Qixiong, is proceeding according to Japanese law, Sengoku said.

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