Sinn Fein Make Faux Pas With "Dancing On Thatcher's Grave" T-Shirts

Margaret Thatcher

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Irish Republican political party Sinn Fein have pulled a shirt from their online store that depicted revelers dancing on former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher‘s grave, according to The Journal.It appears the t-shirt is no longer for sale online or in Sin Fein’s retail store in Dublin.

(You can still see Google’s cached version here).

The shirt pictured a headstone that read “Thatcher: Tyrant and Murderer”, and had revelers dancing behind a sign that said: “Dancers, please form an orderly queue.”

Unionist politicians condemned the t-shirt as “grossly offensive.”

Margaret Thatcher is not actually dead, but is known to be ill, and has pulled out of several events lately due to her poor health.

Thatcher is unpopular among some Irish republicans for her handling of the 1981 IRA hunger strikes at Long Kesh prison in Belfast. The Prime Minister refused to classify the IRA members as political prisoners, and IRA leader Bobby Sands famously got elected to Parliament during the strikes. Sands died in prison as a result of the hunger strike.

Here’s an image of the t-shirt (via The Journal):

Photo: The Irish Journal

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