More Evidence That Singapore Is THE Place For Rich Expats

singapore infinity pool

Photo: @zebrakingz at instagram

HSBC’s fifth annual Expat Survey identified Singapore as the country with the richest expats.50-four per cent of expats in Singapore earn over US$200,000 a year, a higher proportion than anywhere else.

Said HSBC: “Singapore is increasingly becoming a top destination for career hunters and its popularity as an expat destination appears only to be growing”.”

60-four per cent of expats in Signapore had a significantly higher disposable income than they would at home; 37 per cent had a better home; 50 precent had domestic help; 48 per cent had a swimming pool; 17 per cent had more than one property; 9 per cent had a nicer car; 50 per cent took luxurious holidays; 43 per cent had high quality health care.

Bermuda, Thailand, and Hong Kong came next in the ranking of expat wealth & luxury.

While Singapore had the richest expats, it doesn’t offer the best expat experience, according to HSBC’s survey. That place would by Cayman Islands, followed by Thailand, Spain, and Singapore. The best place to raise kids abroad is Canada, followed by the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. And the top destination based on all criteria is Hong Kong.

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