This Guy Cashed In All His Frequent Flyer Miles For An $US18,000 Trip In Singapore Airline's Incredible 'Suites Class'

First class can be plenty luxurious, but it’s nothing like Singapore Airline’s iconic Suites Class.

Travel blogger Derek Low recently cashed in his frequent flyer miles to purchase a $US18,125.30 round trip ticket in Suites Class, and thankfully he took lots of gorgeous photos of his journey.

From your own personal cabin and full-sized bed to private rooms and classy meals, you’ve never seen a classier way to fly in style.

Note: All photos used with permission.

Boarding began at the Singapore Changi Airport First Class terminal.

Checking in is a little less crowded in First Class.

The golden ticket.

The Suites also includes access to The Private Room, an even more lucrative tier than First Class.

Here's the entrance to The Private Room.

The Private Room features vaulted ceilings and comfy chairs, and plenty of space to relax before boarding.

In the dining room, you can order a variety of dishes.

You can choose ahead of time what preferred title is, including 'King,' 'President,' and 'Princess.'

The hallway connecting the Suites.

Suites in the middle of the plane can merge to form one massive Suite.

Champagne is offered...

...along with a variety of newspapers.

Here's the view from a side suite with a window seat.

In-flight amenities include Bose headphones.

Other extras include a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit and cologne.

Singapore Airlines even has its own line of Givenchy blankets, pillows, and pajamas.

Here's the coffee menu...

...and a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

There's a large screen with in-flight movies.

Supper includes multiple appetizers and a main course.

There's also dessert.

Here's the view of the stairs to Business Class.

At night, the suits feature dim lighting for winding down.

When you're ready for bed, you don't have to convert your suite, the flight attendants do that.

By removing the divider, two suites can merge into one to form a full-sized bed.

It's basically your own bedroom.

You can watch movies right from your bed.

There's plenty of room to stretch out.

If you want your privacy, you can always push in the 'Do Not Disturb' button.

Here's a view of the bathroom for those flying Suites Class.

If you need to change clothes, a bench flips down over the toilet so you can sit.

If you're hungry for a late-night snack, a flight attendant will bring you chocolate.

In the morning, you can order a drink to start the day off right.

During layovers, you can use the 'Book the Cook' service to have a flight prepared and brought onboard so it's waiting for you.

This includes dessert too.

Here's a view of the double suite in daylight.

If you want a quick nap, you can put up the dividing partition and use the single bed.

It's a pretty spacious way to take a nap.

Looking to see more luxurious ways to travel in style?

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