Singapore Airlines Says 'Not So Fast' To Mistakenly Sold Business Class Seats

A computer error caused roughly 900 business class seats on board Singapore Airlines to be sold at economy class prices in Australia this week.

According to, the tickets in question were sold by Australian travel agents for flights between Singapore and Europe.

The airline is now demanding that travel agents contact their clients and collect the price difference. In some cases that prices difference is as much as $US4,200 per ticket.

However, Singapore Airlines is also giving ticket buyers the option to either fly economy or receive a full refund, reported Bloomberg.

An Airline spokesperson confirmed to that a computer glitch caused the online tickets agents to sell business class seats using a fare class reserved for economy tickets. As a result, the highly coveted business class accommodations were sold at a discount of thousands of dollars.

The seats in questions were all sold between November 29th and December 1st for travel of Dec. 8.

Singapore Airlines and its business class service have consistently rated as among the best in the airline industry. But those who end up travelling in economy shouldn’t feel too bad. In fact, the Changi Airport-based carrier’s economy service was recently rated by Business Insider as the best in the world.

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