Sinemia takes on MoviePass with its own $15 'unlimited' plan after a slew of account terminations

  • MoviePass competitor Sinemia announced Friday that it would launch an “unlimited” plan for $US14.99.
  • The plan is called “Always Unlimited,” and will let you see one standard 2D movie a day.
  • You will also be able to book your tickets or reserve a seat at a theatre up to 30 days in advance.

Movie-ticket subscription company Sinemia announced on Friday that it would launch a $US14.99 “unlimited” plan.

The plan is called “Always Unlimited,” and will let subscribers see one standard 2D movie a day. The $US14.99 price can be paid monthly or annually, the company said.

The introduction of this new plan comes as Sinemia’s main competitor, MoviePass, recently brought back its own “unlimited” plan, called “MoviePass Uncapped.” But Sinemia boasts less restrictions with its plan compared to MoviePass.

Though Uncapped is also unlimited 2D, MoviePass states it “makes no guarantee on the availability to any particular theatre, showtime, or title that is presented in our app” and that it may use its algorithms to restrict users “based on their location, day of movie, time of movie, title, and the individual user’s historical usage.”

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Sinemia says that Always Unlimited will offer “any movie and any showtime.” You will also be able to book tickets and reserve seats at theatres up to 30 days in advance with the service.

The launch of Uncapped comes at a time when online sentiment for Sinemia is very negative. According to research provided to Business Insider by social-media analytics company Crimson Hexagon, currently online the perception of Sinemia is 74% negative (26% positive) overall, and 83% negative (17% positive) since the slew of terminations began this month.

Sinemia told Business Insider it had removed 3% of its accounts since the beginning of the month to fight fraudulent activity. But more than 100 users have contacted Business Insider this month and said their accounts were terminated unfairly.

The cancellations are not the only issues Sinemia has faced.

Hundreds of Sinemia subscribers have contacted Business Insider since November on topics ranging from “misuse fees” to demands for copies of their IDs. Some customers filed a class-action lawsuit in November, which was amended in late February, alleging Sinemia ripped them off by introducing a new “processing fee.”

Nathan McAlone contributed reporting.

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