MoviePass competitor Sinemia has launched an unlimited movie-ticket subscription plan for $29.99

  • MoviePass rival Sinemia is now offering an unlimited movie-ticket subscription plan for $US29.99 a month.
  • This is the first unlimited plan since MoviePass ditched its popular $US9.99 one in August.

As MoviePass has pulled back its movie-theatre subscription service to cater to the casual moviegoer, Sinemia wants to be the new home for power users.

In a press release sent out on Monday, Sinemia announced it has launched the $US29.99 unlimited plan for 2D movies in the US, Canada, and Australia.

“While most of our plans are focused on the modern moviegoer who sees one, two, or three movies each month, we want to serve every type of movie lover and that includes frequent moviegoers looking for an unlimited tickets option,” said Rifat Oguz, CEO and founder of Sinemia in the release. “We’ve spent four years testing and fine-tuning our unlimited tickets model and are confident this is the right price to sustainably offer such a plan.”

Sinemia’s unlimited plan is the first since MoviePass scrapped its popular unlimited $US9.99 plan in August for a more realistic $US9.95 for three movies per month (previous to 2017, MoviePass’ unlimited plan ranged from $US50 to $US35 per month).

Sinemia has worked hard to find a fan base in the US as it does in other regions of the world, and it’s certainly getting to a point where audiences (and the industry) have to begin to take notice.

For months, it’s been a vocal competitor of MoviePass, having put together numerous tiered plans ranging from one movie to three per month, with options for IMAX and family plans. And in late August, a survey from the National Research Group revealed that Sinemia’s two movies for $US7.99 per month was the most popular movie-ticket subscription plan among moviegoers.

Riding that momentum, Sinemia is swinging for the fences with its unlimited plan. Here’s hoping it works out better than it did for MoviePass.

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